Suggest A Site Pages

Tips of the pages are the most important aspects of a successful website. Depends on the type of website you want to optimize. Pages that work for one type of site may or may not work for other types and some are like that are common to all. So before you start thinking about what to write, it is important to create a plan that describes what each page should contain. Here is a list of important information that can or should be included on your site.

(1) Home Page :- They are obviously the first page of the site. Normally, this page includes information about what you can do for your customers and that the site concerned and sometimes includes links to inside pages.

(2) Products / Services :- Normally, these pages are the type of products or services to sell. It should have different pages for each of the products and services, discussing their benefits and use to divide the links on the same page. These can help you gain the trust of customers.

(3) About Us :- This is one of the most important pages as it tells your customers about who you are and why they should buy your products, services. This is the page where you branch off of others, for most companies included their faith, vision, technology, information about their staff and recently completed projects.

(4) Contact Us :- Try to place your data in as many places as possible. Normally, this page includes all the details about the company, such as name, address on file. Branch address, website URL, email address, phone, etc..

(5) Testimonials :- Testimonies of current customers to gain the confidence of potential customers. At this point, you need to make sure the testimonials are real, and if possible provide contact information for a person who has submitted a recommendation for you.

(6) FAQ :- Which showed a significant time savings for many companies. Instead of having to answer the same question over and over again, put in place and keep adding to them. The more information you have on your site as quickly as you need to answer the question by email or telephone. Although the trend these days is to keep the link to speak (ie, live chat) to any executive customer online. So I certainly can not be resolved at the earliest, would not have to email or make a phone call from it.

(7) Site search :-Some of the visitors to your site do not necessarily know exactly what they want, but if you include the search function on your site, can be found easily. How search engines, a feature so that visitors enter the word or phrase and then search on your site. It ‘s like a mini search engine. Normally, this function is not a separate page, but these links are stored on the home page.

(8) Privacy policy :- Privacy continues to be a big problem for customers to shop online. Concern about how their information is used, is a major obstacle in the sale. Here, by sharing information on privacy and certification can gain the trust of customers.

(9) Site map :- Sitemap recall the contents. It shows how visitors to your site is low and can easily jump to any part of the site by clicking a link in it.