Meta Tag Optimization

The initial phase of the Internet and search engines, meta tags on the contents of a secret weapon known as search engine positions. It have been so easy to get to the top of Serp days late, but people started using it incorrectly. They (spammers) began to exploit this feature by entering keywords in the meta tags have nothing to do with the contents of the site.

They do all the major search engines look down when they scored most relevant research to address the situation they began to pay attention less to these meta tags, and emphasis was given to the actual content of pages. Not that it’s totally irrelevant to a ranking of the website, but it seems that many search engines use them as a minor addition to the text in the body tag and the title of your web pages.

Like many of them try to give more importance to the description meta tag, as they often are considered SERP.

Its HTML format looks like these:


TITLE your Descriptive keywords title goes here TITLE

META NAME=”Description” Content=”Your keyword description”

META NAME=”Keywords” Content=”Keyword (separated by a commo)”


(Note: In the tag above arrow mark is not used, please consider the same)

This is an HTML tag that provides information on the web page content as what HTML specifications a web page or a description of its contents. A meta-tag does not affect the form of a Web page that is displayed in a browser window.