Content Optimization

There are many aspects of the optimization process. Content Optimization is one example. Google to keep the process of biological research, they keep changing their algorithm. In this basis of the algorithm they consider nearly 200 aspects, including the contents of these aspects. Sometimes it seems that the incoming links from high PR offer greatest benefit well-written and optimized content, but what if the page rank of such declines inbound links. It will surely affect the performance of the site. Thus it is said that content is king. It will definitely add to the performance of the site and there is no risk of adverse effects. Hope now it is clear that the optimization of content is one of the best ways to achieve a good ranking in the SERP, but also noted that even if it’s keyword density is much debate in many forums and chat rooms is that the maximum density permitted keywords. Hope it is about 2% to 5%.If you wrote an article about 100 words that your targeted keyword should be repeated only 2 to 5 times. As these will lead to spam. Much care must be taken while you are taking such a decision. From SEO should consider this.

There is much confusion about what the keyword density for maximum search engine is not the same as for someone else. Chasing the density of one may very well destroy your efforts on another. The best way is to write the content, in view of visitors, not search engines.

It is also possible to get good public relations and higher position in SERP by using unethical methods, such as hidden text, font sizes very small and other tactics that basically hide text of a visitor directly, but remember such a ranking is only for short base when you notice that you are definitely going to be thrown in research, and these will certainly create a bad impression about you or your company in the minds of visitors and search engines.