About Squidoo Lens Creation

Squidoo is a PR8 user generated content site that is a very powerful tool in internet marketing. If you have not utilized the power of Squidoo, then its about time you should. It serves wide range of purposes. Unlike other link building methods, you just don’t get a simple back links from Squidoo. Since Squidoo is a social media, it has its own internal network of lens owners where you can get some traffic from. It offers Ad sense revenue sharing opportunity so aside from getting back links and internal traffic. Also you have the opportunity to generate some Ad sense revenue as well. Squidoo lens creation usually rank well on Google and with some promotion, you can eve rank higher.

Squidoo lens creation has become an excellent way for people to get their info out there to the public. Its basically acts as a single web page dedicated to your topic. This includes text, pictures, video and most importantly, links. Squidoo links are also searched and indexed by search engines, in other words, squidoo offers do-follow links. It has become an effective way for many small and large businesses to get word of their product or service to an even larger audience. One must be thinking why to use squidoo lens creation service, then reasons are many. With this you can create your lens geared toward selling a product or as a satellite page to boost your existing site’s PR and SERP ranking. Moreover you must remember that Squidoo is do follow, as a result you can get a powerful relevant back link to your website.

Some of the features of squidoo lens creation are 700 words original content, Relevant images and you tube videos, 6 back links, and Initial lens promotion with social bookmarking, squidoo ring submission and groups. Now if you’re using some service then it must be carrying some benefits also. Squidoo lens creation offers Ultra-quick indexing by search engines, Quality and targeted squidoo traffic and more exposure for your product and services, Additional ad revenue sharing program of squidoo, Excellent source of PR. Our high quality content makes sure you get full value from your lenses , Searchable lenses created on selected keywords, thus bringing organic traffic too .