Make Your Business Stand Out – Know Your Customers

What makes your business and or website stand out from all the rest? What makes you different? Know what your potential customers need and want. Like playing a guessing game, you won’t always have the time to ask each customer questions to evaluate their intent or interest. You have to know what a customer wants on a website in order to make them your customer. Address the points that are most important, the points that will improve the quantity or customers, and the quality of work you provide.

First, make your website easy, don’t overwhelm it with colors, and distractions. Sometimes simple is more. Highlight the main objective, and subtitle what makes that the best product. Second, pricing. While you should be transparent with your prices, be able to base your prices on the targeted demographic. Don’t list your prices on every page, but when you address the price before the prospective customer commits, it’ll lead to a high sale rate. However, also know with this risk you may lose the number of customers, as with any risk in business. Other reasons to be transparent with pricing is because, if prices aren’t posted you may lose potential customers who want to see prices before making an inquiry, it makes your business appear more legitimate and professional, and you don’t waste anyone’s time.

Next, location. No potential customer will drive over 100 miles to receive what you have to offer, no matter how good you made it sound. Know the demographic you’re targeting, and show them how or where they can receive your services closer to home. List what services are offered there, and where they can get them. Whether they’re in major cities or small communities. Let them know there is access to Video Calls, Private Phone Calls, or home visits, reassure them, they’re satisfaction is your number one priority.

Lastly, know the risks. Know that offering your product is hard if you haven’t addressed possible concerns. Is it safe? What if it breaks down? What if I lose business? Address the concerns your customer will have. Leave question pages or survey’s for the customer to ask questions and address concerns. Even put links on the bottom of your page to have these already addressed. Answer each concern with accuracy and in a reasonable amount of time, and know that with any business or product it’s not always easy. Learn the things that make your customers tick, or their opinions overall of what they look for or want. When they know their opinion is important they are more likely to access your services again. The better we know our customers, the more success we will have.