Why Website Hosting Security Is Important

After months of hard work, long hours and endless investors, what happens when hackers get into your business and you lose everything? Can you protect your clients? Yourself? When marketing a business or website, always remember to set security standards. Now a days it may only take one phone call or a few lines of codes to insert a virus or receive all your personal information.

Three tips to website security: hire a cybersecurity team, purchase cybersecurity insurance, and intermingle sensitive information with general information. With all the recent hacking to our celebrities, our country and even our enemies, don’t be that statistic. With your successful website and business comes people who want what you have. Make room in your budget to hire one or even two Cybersecurity employees. Let this be their only job and let them continuously manage your website and let them address any concern that a customer may have. Even if it’s not necessarily a threat it will always be better safe than sorry.

Cybersecurity is one of the highest demanding fields, people are trained every day to help protect business owners. Use this to your advantage. Cybersecurity insurance is excellent to have. When buying insurance you’d want to ask questions besides price, on what exactly it covers and if your clients will be protected. Will they do random checks? Is there auditing? How much will I actually lose? Are all the questions you need to ask, and with many high ranking companies that are out there to protect you, only the best will have these answers.

Finally, when it comes to important information on your company and your clients mix it in with general information. Don’t make a file that says “Client Money Transfers.” That will be the first thing they look for, if it’s mixed in a folder that says “Monthly Lunch Allowances,” that’s nothing they want or care to know about. Hiding information in plain sight is the best bet for most companies, because no matter how many firewalls or blockers you have, someone can get through. Always protect yourself, and show and let the client know that no matter what, they’re protected too.