2016 Online Business & Marketing Success Tips

With 2016 just around the corner, finding new business ideas, and ways to spruce up your company doesn’t hurt. Figuring out what makes this year, your year. First tip, start targeting the future of this country, the Millennials. Millennials spend over $500 billion dollars in internet spending, and in the years to come they will make up most of our workforce. Millennials are your best customers, they’re always connected. Whether it’s through social media, or blogging they’re constantly streaming somewhere. Make your website speak to them, they don’t do the traditional phone calls, or reference checks. They usually go by the recommendations of friends, or something shard on social media. Present your company in a way that makes them want to read and share your business. Next, be authentic. Nobody wants to be lied to, they want to know exactly who they’re dealing with, what they’re going to get and how their concerns will be handled.

Now a days, consumers want to know what their money means. It’s not necessarily about how much something costs, but about the purpose of your business. Tell your story, push the cause you stand for. Website designing is easy, for a computer. In order to make your business and website catch the eye make it every device compatible. Everyone has a phone in their pocket, and it’s much easier to look on a mobile device then on a PC. Make it simple, but adaptable. Next, stay in tune with your consumers. Ask their opinion on your company or do surveys. Start a chat on social media under your business name. Let them know you’re human, and you care. Too much text, isn’t always a good thing. Pictures, podcasts, videos and interactive features are what most customers want to see.

Most people learn more from what they see then what they read. Lastly, when pitching a product, get in tune with the emotional aspect behind it. Most purchases are emotionally based and not logically. If you’re selling a product or service, find out what they need it for and work with their emotions, how it benefits them, and their future.