Fast Free Make Money Online With Zero Capital

Need to make money fast, but you don’t want to spend a single cent to establish an online business? Fret not, dear friend. You could actually start earning fast free money online from the web with zero capital, zero obligations and zero risks! All these can be accomplished within 24 hours! Read on and I’ll show you how.

Hour 1

Try to find a profitable niche. Niches are highly specialized segments of a market where the demand is high and the supplies are low. There are few competitions in a niche, allowing you more opportunity to establish your online presence.

Think of a market that you could cater to. Then narrow it down by enumerating its subcategories. The more you are able to reduce the subject, the higher the profitability will be. For example, the general market you thought of is about dogs. A subcategory of this would be about Chihuahuas. A further subcategory would be about Chihuahua grooming.

Hour 2

Once you have found your niche, run a search at or . The results would show how many searches were made for that subject. The more searches there are, the higher the demand is for that topic.

Run a similar search of the same subject in any of the search engines on the net. The results would reveal your competition. Naturally, you would want a subject that has less competition. This would mean that you’re looking for one that would produce few results in your searches.

Hour 3

Once you’ve found a lucrative niche, it’s time to look for its relevant keywords. Run a search of the topic at to get a list of related keywords and keyphrases. Keep a copy of this list.

Hour 4

Open an account with a free blogging site. Or, if you already have your own website, download the WordPress software at . It’s free. And WordPress can be easily integrated with any website.

Set up your account. Fiddle with the controls. You’ll discover that using a blog is as easy as writing down your thoughts and clicking on a button to publish them for all the online world to see.

Hour 5

Enroll in any affiliate program of your choice. You could choose more than one, of course. Just make sure that such program is offering some products that cater to the niche you have chosen. Try to find a program that offers highly sellable products and generous commissions. Don’t settle for a commission rate of less than 20%. Look for something that would give you at least 40% for every successful sale you would be able to refer. A good place to start is , but eventually you would want to “graduate” to something grander. But for your initial foray, ClickBank would suffice.

After enrollment, you would be able to immediately choose the products you want to pre-sell. Get the affiliate links for them. Do not lose these affiliate links.

Hour 6

It’s time to put that blog to good use! The premise heart of this budget-friendly strategy is your blog. Blogs are excellent and cost-effective alternatives to websites. Search engines love them, and they have their own linking network as well. Also, they are easily updatable, and search engine spiders love consistently updated content.

Write an interesting piece about the niche you have chosen. It may be a personal review of one of your affiliate products, or your views on the niche in general.

The trick here lies in being able to strategically insert your affiliate links in your blog entries. It must be subtle. You won’t want your blog to look like a blatant sales page. Your entries should be highly informative, first and foremost. Content is still king, and it is what will drive visitors to your site.

Hour 7

Go to . Ping the blog directories and the search engines that can be found there. This would inform their spiders that your content has been updated, and they will check it out come the next relevant query. What does this mean? Fast indexing for your blog site!

So there you go. A zero dollar, seven hour marketing plan that would rake in some earnings. It doesn’t stop there, however. Try to post a new entry everyday, and ping the search engines afterwards. Soon enough, you’ll have a high traffic blog site where you could expose your affiliate links to a whole lot of people!

Good luck!

Fast Free Make Money Online With Zero Capital

Free viral marketing techniques your business

If you haven’t heard of the term viral marketing then it can be a hard concept to grasp. No you won’t get sick 🙂

Viral marketing is term used when your marketing efforts snowball into a larger and larger flow of traffic to your website. There are many ways to create a viral marketing snowball using referrals, multilevel downlines, word of mouth, mult-tiered commissions to name just a few.

My favorite viral marketing techniques business concentrate on rebranding e-books.
What is rebranding an e-book? Well lets say for instance that you are given an e-book that had various links, programs, and marketing tools in it. And lets say that you bought a tool that you particularly liked in the ebook.

The person who gave you the book would get a commission. Why do you ask? The individual who gave you the e-book probably paid a small fee to rebrand the e-book with his own affiliate links.

Now you decide to rebrand the e-book because you see the same potential. As you start to rebrand the e-book you will begin to signup for the same affiliate programs and tools listed in the book. You are then placed in the 2nd tier affiliate program of the person who referred you the book. Now when you start making commissions he will also get a commission percentage.

Now you can see the powerful viral marketing concept. For each person that rebrands the e-book a larger snowball of traffic and sales increases.

Some good ways to giveaway such e-books are to tell visitors that they will get instant access to such and such e-book when they subscribe to your newsletter. So not only are you practicing viral marketing but you are also expanding your email list.

My success in Viral Marketing have been overwhelming and it is a good reason why I have been able to work at home. The two e-books that I give away for people to rebrand is Graham Hamers Traffic Jam Formula & Mike Paetzold’s Opt-In Master Course. The Traffic Jam Formula has been responsible for 58 platinum memberships at MPAM which is 14.95 each that I recieve a month as commission.

So go out there and find a rebrandable e-book and rebrand it with your affiliate links. Give it away in traffic exchanges, free e-book directories, search engines, pay per click and anywhere that you can think of and you will be one step closer to achieving viral marketing.
Free viral marketing techniques your business

Getting Free and Easy Content for Your Site

Any avid website owner knows how critical it is to have a website that contains large amounts of genuine ‘content’. These days a website pretty much lives or dies by the amount of content it has on it. A simple and brutal truth of today’s Internet is that a site without increasing amounts of frequently updated content is not deemed important enough to merit frequent spidering by the Search Engines.

Successful search engine optimization experts tout that in today’s online environment a website is successful because of several sequential steps occurring naturally online. That is…

– increased website content creates more search engine indexing opportunities, which results in more opportunities for organic search engine traffic;
– more search engine traffic leads to more online popularity and subsequently, increased viral online linking;
– this increased linking to a website results in more perceived relevancy by the search engines and, again, higher organic search engine listings; and,
– finally, these higher listings lead to more traffic, and the cycle continues.

So how does a website owner deal with this fact of doing business online? Simple. By providing an ever-increasing amount of content on their website.

But if you own several websites you understand how great a challenge it can be to be able to provide constantly updated, valid and useful content, usually in substantially large quantities via hundreds or thousands of webpages, for your website’s visitors and information seekers.

So the way to solve this dilemma for most webmasters is to use content written by others. But the most common route to getting this type of information is to have to pay for a ghostwriter to write the content. This can get expensive so, again, one’s website’s content volume suffers.

Some webmasters use RSS feeds to scrape content from other websites, but to build static webpages from the scraped content can get into legal issues so this tactic can be rather risky.

And for those webmasters brave enough to write the needed content themselves usually face a difficult mountain to climb. That is, these days it’s very tough to actually find the time or have the knowledge to do this. One can only write so many pages on the same topic before experiencing writer’s ‘burnout’.

So what would be the answer to this apparent dilemma of needing lots of website content but not having lasting viable routes to obtaining the needed content? Simple.

Grab content from free article directories. An article directory is specially designed for website owners and publishers to legally and freely take copyrighted articles, written by online authors willing to share their writings, and post on their website as content.

And one can find hundreds of article directories available on the Internet today and most have only one condition of use: there are terms of usage that website owners agree to follow before using the articles from the article directory. But outside of that there are no other restrictions, and no ‘memberships’ required.

So, in view of the issues surrounding creating content for one’s website, as described above, and the absolutely necessity for a website to have voluminous and fresh content to stay ranked highly in the Search Engines, one can easily see how the free articles found at an article directory can be just the answer a website owner needs to give their websites a needed boost with the Search Engines.

No more having to pay for content. And no more struggling with writing the content yourself. Use whatever information you find at the article directory that you deem relevant and post it on your website, or blog, or forum.

Article directories. Free on-topic content for YOUR website. YOUR blog. YOUR ezine. YOUR forum. Cool.

Getting Free and Easy Content for Your Site

Methods of Online Marketing Techniques-online website advertising techniques

There are various approaches and method to online marketingand online website advertising techniques. It is important know about each method so that one can compare the results. this list sums up the online marketing methods.

Take a deep breath. This list is quite exhaustive!

Personal Marketing: This is marketing at personal level and includes telling your network and friends, making a business card etc

Article Marketing: Article marketing implies writing articles and submitting them to web article directories. When you write article, you are allowed to put a backlink to your website in author’s bio box. People looking for information will come and read your article. if it interests them, they would visit your web site for more information. Article marketing is a very good method to build links for your site, enhance your website’s search engine ranking and getting traffic. What is more, it is absolutely free until you wish to use paid services.

Bum marketing is a method of marketing using articles with a twist. Here, you search for potential keywords that can be dominated, write articles on those and submit them to article directories with an affiliate link to the product you want to promote.

Forum Marketing: Forum is a place where people gather and discuss their problems, strategies etc. There are many forums on the web that you can join and participate in discussion. Most of the forums allow a link back to your website in your signature text which would appear below the post you make. Again a good traffic builder.

Search Engine Marketing: This involves search engine optimization of your website design and content. Search engine use their algorithm to rank websites and when people search for something, these websites are displayed as the search engines would rank them. Search engine optimization or SEO are the methods by which you try to build your site and content so that it may please the search engines. You either learn SEO or use the paid services.

Pay Per Click Advertising: This is a paid service where you pay the service provider every time your link is clicked. This kind of marketing is quite poular with internet marketers. Apart from Google and Yahoo there are many other pay per click services available

Link Exchange: In this a website places a link for other website in exchange for its link on that site. Earlier it was also used for SEO purpose but a change in search engine algorithm has stripped that advantage. But it is still it is a powerful method for traffic generation.

Link Purchase: You can purchase placement of your website link on other website. This is very commonly done for SEO as one way incoming backlinks are used to rank your website by search engines. This method also brings in traffic if the site that you purchased link placement from is heavily visited website.

Classified Advertising: You can advertise your website on Classifieds websites on the web like and Both paid and free services are available.

Ezine Marketing: This refers to email marketing. You can start your own newsletter or ezine or electronic magazine which your subscribers can choose to receive. Creating an ezine is an integral part of your internet business. You can also choose to purchase an advertising space in the ezines that are already running successfully. your website gets exposed to targeted readers who may like to become your customers.

List Building: This refers to building a subscribers database ,who are entered into the list of that database when they opt in for your ezine or agree to a free download against providing you their email address. You can contact these subscribers with your offers and promos.

Lead Purchase: There are some paid services which will provide you with the names and email addresses of the people or leads against a payment. This method is called lead generation. This is done by them by placing your opt-in form (Form which a visitor fills in order to subscribe) on heavily visited websites, a process that you can do on your site also. Normally you are charged per lead.

Viral Marketing: Here, you make a useful product like ebook or software and allow people to pass it on freely. This helps in spreading your website links and branding your site. Apart from ebook or software, you can also build some humorous video or funny email. Build anything that people would like to pass on and share.

Press Releases: Here, you build a press release for your website and submit it to one or more press release sites like Press releases are done to create awareness among the web visitors and are displayed on various news channels or sites on the net. Also builds increased back links. Both free and paid submissions are available.

Joint Ventures: Here two or more marketers come together and promote a product or service in a way that it will benefit them all. Joint ventures are a great way to build your business because the marketing efforts are combined and results are always more than individual efforts.

Affiliate Program: You can launch your own affiliate program where people can join. Then they would advertise your product with their affiliate link. When a sale is made, they get a preset commission. You will need an affiliate program manager to do this. offers an easy alternative.

Resell Rights Marketing: You can offer resell rights to your product where people would be able to sell it and keep all the money. It increases your product value and helps in building in name because more sales are made than when you sell it just on your own. Helps in branding too.

RSS Marketing: RSS stands for Really simple Syndication and it may be difficult to conceptualize in the beginning. RSS works by RSS feeds which needs to be generated by website. People can subscribe to these RSS feeds and can view the content of the website via their RSS reader. By this people are enabled to rceive the content directly on their desktop. This method is quite new as compared to others and has become really popular following spam issues in email marketing.

Blog Marketing: Blog is an online journal which you can update on regular basis. You need a blogging platform like WordPress or Blogger etc and you can publish at their site or host on your own. Blogs are immensely popular with marketers and are very much loved by search engines. A must for your business.

Social Bookmarking: This is latest marketing buzz. There are online bookmarking sites available which peple can use to bookmark the places on the web they like. You can display these bookmarking buttons on your site or blog and people may submit the link for bookmarking if they like your site. Generates good traffic.

Video Marketing: This is even newer. You can upload a video on the sites that allow. People would watch and then visit your site. Theory is similar to article marketing but media used is different. A popular website that allows video upload is

Sales letter example : how to write a sample sales letter

The best and successful marketers have a special care writing a sample sales letter Describing the benefits of a product or service and it have to be a long sample Sales letter to build a nice income online. There are two good reasons.

A long sample sales letter take the reader’s attention on your offer if you have an option To click to a new page it will cause 40 to 80% lost of them ,it works because Doesn’t distract readers ,visitors of unnecessary clicks or choices. A long sample sales letter guide ,walk,readers ,visitors, through the critical stages of the Sales process create excitement establish credibility,build value,remove the Risk,and ask for the order ,all need to happen following the precise order Allowing you to guide your readers towards important buying decision with The expertise of an experienced sales person.

Step 1 : write your headline and subheadline .- the both are most important part Of your sample sales letter,you have to grab the reader’s attention, it is the first thing They will see get them excited then write them into your sales letter. A good headline must to communicate a compelling benefit for a create problem That let visitors what they NEED, your letter sales to find the solution and solve The problem,give “power” in your words like: free,sale,easy,quick, guaranteed bargain,proven,results,save you. There are powerful headlines that promise an end result like ” know to” or headlines that makes take action for example “how to learn” ,”discover how” ,”increase your” “how to become”,”reduce” “stop wasting” “learn the secrets” “arise your income” “stop wasting money marketing your own website learn successful and proven techniques and get unstoppable traffic. It creates a serious problem for the reader-stop wasting money marketing your Own website- It promotes a great benefit as part of the solution to this problem -learn successful and proven techniques and get unstoppable traffic”.This Attract the right audience it makes exciting to keep reading as heck! Step 1.- Establish your credibility.-post the statements of your satisfied clients
Step 2 : Creating the problem.-You need write a headline or subheadline to grab Your reader’s attention ,they will interest and will lead to first paragraph and Have a discussion of the problem to your reader making you that they need your Product or service give you a reason to continue reading to solve the problem.
Step 3 : Establishing credibility You need to figure out that your readers would Feel confortable enough to buy your product or servive when the testimonials Coming of grab one the best and post at the top of the sample sales letter.
Step 4 : Telling the story.-make your sales letter friendly and fun tell your Readers you have create your product or service why you developed a new Service how did you start.
Step 5 : Put yourself in the reader’s case .- before you want to convince your Audience that you offer a solution for the problem then you have to put clear That you understand the problem then you have created a website for that Identifying with the readers problems. Step6.-Give an overview of your solution.- Here is where you can expand on On the resolution of the problem you don’t have to explain how your Product or service works,you just need to provide your offer benefits of Your product or service.A list of points which they are easy to read. *How to increase the traffic site in 400% *two things you have to do to Get a free traffic* discover the secrets that gurus are using to get traffic.

sample sales letter example : how to Write a sample Sales Letter

Selling Private Label Rights

The following are ways you can make money from selling Private Label Rights

Upfront Sales :
This is the most attractive part of selling Private Label
Rights. Private Label Rights can range from a few dollars to even
thousands of dollars, depending on the quality of the product, its demand
and how proven it is.

Selling Basic/Master Resell Rights to the Private Label Rights
product : You can sell the Basic/Master Resell Rights to the editable, raw
format of the product separately. If your buyer wishes to resell the Private
Label Rights, you can charge him 4-5 times the normal price of the
product and up to 10 times if the buyer wants to have the Master Resell
Rights, allowing him and his customers to resell the Private Label Rights
to the product, as you are doing.
Selling Private Label Rights

Marketing 101

All it takes is a little theory practiced and applied, and soon you will find that marketing comes naturally.

Marketing is more than sales. Marketing is the set of activities used to
1. get your potential customer’s attention
2. motivate them to buy
3. get them to actually buy
4. get them to buy again (and again…)

Marketing is how you define your product, promote your product, distribute your product, and to maintain a relationship with your customers.

Marketing theory is made up of the 5 P’s . Product, Positioning, Place, Price, Promotion. Each “P” contributes to your marketing mix.

Marketing mix is the very populer concept. In fact, before understand all of Marketing mix, you should have understand what is the STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning).

Source :

This is one of the intersting site to learn what is marketing…

Marketing myopia

Marketing myopia is a term used in marketing . Indeed, one of the most important marketing papers ever written [[1]] was that on `Marketing Myopia’ by Theodore Levitt. This paper was published in the Harvard Business Review; a journal of which he is now editor. Some commentators have even gone as far as to suggest that its publication marked the beginning of the modern marketing movement in general. Its theme was that the vision of most organizations was constricted in terms of what they, too narrowly, saw as the business they were in. It exhorted CEOs to re-examine their corporate vision; and redefine their markets in terms of wider perspectives. It was successful in its impact because it was, as with all of Levitt’s work, essentially practical and pragmatic. Organizations found that they had been missing opportunities which were plain to see once they adopted the wider view. The impact of the paper was indeed dramatic. The oil companies (which represented one of his main examples in the paper) redefined their business as energy rather than just petroleum; although Shell, which embarked upon an investment programme in nuclear power, subsequently regretted this course of action

One reason that short sightedness is so common is that people feel that they can not accurately predict the future. While this is a legitimate concern, it is also possible to use a whole range of business prediction techniques currently available to estimate future circumstances as best as possible.

greater scope of opportunities as the industry changes. It trains managers to look beyond their current business activities and think “outside the box”. George Steiner (1979) claims that if a buggy whip manufacturer in 1910 defined its business as the “transportation starter business”, they might have been able to make the creative leap necessary to move into the automobile business when technological change demanded it.

People who focus on marketing strategy, various predictive techniques, and the customer’s lifetime value can rise above myopia to a certain extent. This can entail the use of long-term profit objectives (sometimes at the risk of sacrificing short term objectives).

Others have developed similar terms. Kotler and Singh (1981) coined the term “marketing hyperopia”, by which they mean a better vision of distant issues than of near ones. Baughman (1974) uses the term “marketing macropia” meaning an overly broad view of your industry.

Source : Wikipedia

Promotion Mix

Here are some things to keep in mind:


Reaches large, geographically dispersed audiences, often with high frequency; Low cost per exposure, though overall costs are high; Consumers perceive advertised goods as more legitimate; Dramatizes company/brand; Builds brand image; may stimulate short-term sales; Impersonal, one-way communication; Expensive

Personal Selling

Most effective tool for building buyers’ preferences, convictions, and actions; Personal interaction allows for feedback and adjustments; Relationship-oriented; Buyers are more attentive; Sales force represents a long-term commitment; Most expensive of the promotional tools

Sales Promotion.

May be targeted at the trade or ultimate consumer; Makes use of a variety of formats: premiums, coupons, contests, etc.; Attracts attention, offers strong purchase incentives, dramatizes offers, boosts sagging sales; Stimulates quick response; Short-lived; Not effective at building long-term brand preferences

Public Relation.

Highly credible; Very believable; Many forms: news stories, news features, events and sponsorships, etc.; Reaches many prospects missed via other forms of promotion; Dramatizes company or product; Often the most under used element in the promotional mix; Relatively inexpensive (certainly not ‘free’ as many people think–there are costs involved)

Direct Marketing.

Many forms: Telephone marketing, direct mail, online marketing, etc.; Four distinctive characteristics: Nonpublic, Immediate, Customized, Interactive; Well-suited to highly-targeted marketing efforts

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Men were from Mars, Women from Venus…

The gender game is a subtle but powerful one. The fundamental difference between the sexes has been the subject of much debate, research and humour.

The opportunities to capitalise on a real understanding of the psyche of the consumer in all its richness are great – including gender differences. But it is dangerous territory. No one can afford to play the gender game and lose.

Today, I’d like to talk about segmentation.
We all engage in ‘segmentation’ – when we meet someone for the first time, we segment – male or female? Old or young? It helps us orientate ourselves and build expectations until we know more…

If you are told your new boss’s name is Joe. What’s your first question? Is there an ‘e’? Is it a male or female? Of course, once you get to know and work with your new boss, other issues will become much more important – is he/she focused on cost cutting or growth? Is he/she a ‘big picture’ kind of person – or is it all about the detail? Does he/she value your unique contribution or see you as a threat, or part of the old guard? These deeper issues very quickly become much more important than gender.

Of course, how you deal with the issues, and your new boss, will continue to be ‘nuanced’ by gender – yours and his or hers.

However, the real gender debate is more dynamic and more fundamental. It is rooted in society’s needs, wants and expectations. At Roy Morgan Research we’ve been studying these things for years. In the 1940s, Roy Morgan asked questions about equal pay for men and women, whether women should be allowed to wear shorts in the street, and the age at which girls should be allowed to wear lipstick. The questions tell us as much about society at that time as the answers do. Some things change …. So let’s look briefly at some trends.

The last 20 years or so have seen dramatic changes in gender roles – more women in the workforce, in senior decision-making positions, more two-income families, shared household, family and child-rearing responsibilities, more sole parent families both male and female.

The weekly shop is on the decline and more people are shopping every day, and men are enjoying grocery shopping (at least the increasing number of grocery-buying men). So are women. It is not that men are becoming ‘home’ conscious or nesting (their magazine habits tell us that), it is that they are more interested in food.

source :