Free viral marketing techniques your business

If you haven’t heard of the term viral marketing then it can be a hard concept to grasp. No you won’t get sick 🙂

Viral marketing is term used when your marketing efforts snowball into a larger and larger flow of traffic to your website. There are many ways to create a viral marketing snowball using referrals, multilevel downlines, word of mouth, mult-tiered commissions to name just a few.

My favorite viral marketing techniques business concentrate on rebranding e-books.
What is rebranding an e-book? Well lets say for instance that you are given an e-book that had various links, programs, and marketing tools in it. And lets say that you bought a tool that you particularly liked in the ebook.

The person who gave you the book would get a commission. Why do you ask? The individual who gave you the e-book probably paid a small fee to rebrand the e-book with his own affiliate links.

Now you decide to rebrand the e-book because you see the same potential. As you start to rebrand the e-book you will begin to signup for the same affiliate programs and tools listed in the book. You are then placed in the 2nd tier affiliate program of the person who referred you the book. Now when you start making commissions he will also get a commission percentage.

Now you can see the powerful viral marketing concept. For each person that rebrands the e-book a larger snowball of traffic and sales increases.

Some good ways to giveaway such e-books are to tell visitors that they will get instant access to such and such e-book when they subscribe to your newsletter. So not only are you practicing viral marketing but you are also expanding your email list.

My success in Viral Marketing have been overwhelming and it is a good reason why I have been able to work at home. The two e-books that I give away for people to rebrand is Graham Hamers Traffic Jam Formula & Mike Paetzold’s Opt-In Master Course. The Traffic Jam Formula has been responsible for 58 platinum memberships at MPAM which is 14.95 each that I recieve a month as commission.

So go out there and find a rebrandable e-book and rebrand it with your affiliate links. Give it away in traffic exchanges, free e-book directories, search engines, pay per click and anywhere that you can think of and you will be one step closer to achieving viral marketing.
Free viral marketing techniques your business