Getting Free and Easy Content for Your Site

Any avid website owner knows how critical it is to have a website that contains large amounts of genuine ‘content’. These days a website pretty much lives or dies by the amount of content it has on it. A simple and brutal truth of today’s Internet is that a site without increasing amounts of frequently updated content is not deemed important enough to merit frequent spidering by the Search Engines.

Successful search engine optimization experts tout that in today’s online environment a website is successful because of several sequential steps occurring naturally online. That is…

– increased website content creates more search engine indexing opportunities, which results in more opportunities for organic search engine traffic;
– more search engine traffic leads to more online popularity and subsequently, increased viral online linking;
– this increased linking to a website results in more perceived relevancy by the search engines and, again, higher organic search engine listings; and,
– finally, these higher listings lead to more traffic, and the cycle continues.

So how does a website owner deal with this fact of doing business online? Simple. By providing an ever-increasing amount of content on their website.

But if you own several websites you understand how great a challenge it can be to be able to provide constantly updated, valid and useful content, usually in substantially large quantities via hundreds or thousands of webpages, for your website’s visitors and information seekers.

So the way to solve this dilemma for most webmasters is to use content written by others. But the most common route to getting this type of information is to have to pay for a ghostwriter to write the content. This can get expensive so, again, one’s website’s content volume suffers.

Some webmasters use RSS feeds to scrape content from other websites, but to build static webpages from the scraped content can get into legal issues so this tactic can be rather risky.

And for those webmasters brave enough to write the needed content themselves usually face a difficult mountain to climb. That is, these days it’s very tough to actually find the time or have the knowledge to do this. One can only write so many pages on the same topic before experiencing writer’s ‘burnout’.

So what would be the answer to this apparent dilemma of needing lots of website content but not having lasting viable routes to obtaining the needed content? Simple.

Grab content from free article directories. An article directory is specially designed for website owners and publishers to legally and freely take copyrighted articles, written by online authors willing to share their writings, and post on their website as content.

And one can find hundreds of article directories available on the Internet today and most have only one condition of use: there are terms of usage that website owners agree to follow before using the articles from the article directory. But outside of that there are no other restrictions, and no ‘memberships’ required.

So, in view of the issues surrounding creating content for one’s website, as described above, and the absolutely necessity for a website to have voluminous and fresh content to stay ranked highly in the Search Engines, one can easily see how the free articles found at an article directory can be just the answer a website owner needs to give their websites a needed boost with the Search Engines.

No more having to pay for content. And no more struggling with writing the content yourself. Use whatever information you find at the article directory that you deem relevant and post it on your website, or blog, or forum.

Article directories. Free on-topic content for YOUR website. YOUR blog. YOUR ezine. YOUR forum. Cool.

Getting Free and Easy Content for Your Site