On Page Optimization – Mostly overlooked in the entire SEO Campaign

I have come across many SEO who are in the field since last 2 to 3 yrs but they are not conversant with on page, they just stick to Off Page Submission. They make article submission, directory submission, Press Release Submission do social bookmarking and also some time use various blog platforms to publish blog and get back link from them. But I was amazed to see how a person can be an SEO Expert or Analyst without knowing the On Page tricks. Though I admit that Off Page carries the major portion of the Campaign but I must want to inform you that never look down On Page Optimization. In fact the success of a campaign depends upon a proper on page optimization. A Relevant Title Tag, Meta Description, H1, Alt Tag and Content plays a huge role in success or otherwise of a campaign. So newbie’s in the field make sure to learn on page too as in past a single mistake in On Page doesn’t make any harm to the website but now in the world of rising competition make sure a single On Page mistake can ruin your hard work in terms of Off Page Optimization.

So Now I don’t want to elaborate this talk but at the same time I will not leave this topic as only a talk but I am going to share all the On page secrets and necessary steps to be learnt to become a Complete SEO Master One by One and this post is the Start of the same. For the On Page optimization the first step is to be learnt is about FTP and how it is useful. Many out there might be well versed with the FTP i.e. File Transfer Protocol and some of you might be ignorant about the same. FTP is software by which you can connect to any remote server by entering IP address of the server, user name and password. You can have free version of Cute FTP by making an online search and make sure to install the same. Once installed try to connect and you can enter the root folder of the Server where the website is hosted and thus by the way you can find all the pages, folders and database over there.

The right hand side of your software is the path to your desktop PC and the left hand side is the path to your remote server where you have hosted you Website. Up to this step any layman can do but from now you require little care as a single mistake can delete your online page or in case may delete your entire database. So make sure to take back-up of entire hosted website. Now the question arise how I should take the backup. Backup is not other than copying the data to some another location in your local PC or network. This data can be used in case any damage occurs to the hosted online database. Hope up to this steps you have understood what is FTP, how to use them to reach any root folder of any hosted website and taking backup. Hope this much is enough for this post. In the next coming post I will be discussing how to edit the pages and make On page changes which makes each web page SEO friendly.

Article Submission

Article Submission Services

These days in SEO (search engine optimization) strategies, Article Submission has got a great deal of importance and relevance. Article Publishing not only bring one way link but also help in building a brand and increase targeted traffic.

Just writing an article is not enough, the advantage of the article is when it is exposed to the public and you get the maximum exposure of the same. Now we are here to get the exposure for your article by getting it published at all the right places which will not only make your article more popular but also help in your search engine optimization and link building process. Our experienced team members will submit and distribute your articles to the right place and get the needed results for you.

Our team has professional writers and they can do any type of editing which you may need to get done. We will do complete research of the right type of category which suits your article and then we will submit to the same. We will also provide a list of all the sites where your article would be submitted. We also have packages where we provide guaranteed article listings. So get going and send us a mail for more customized packages.

Directory Submission Services

Submission into web directories which are seo friendly, top quality and well maintained, provides you benefits of direct traffic, keyword ranking in search engines as well as increase your back link profile. Directory submission is necessary for new as well as old established web sites. We at Directory Submission.Org, provide quality submission services. All our submission is hand made by our expert directory submitters who submit your website in proper category as per guidelines of web directories
Benefits of directory submission services:
One Way Links:

Back links for your web site increases from theme based pages. All submission are made in category which is related to your web site and having more sites listed in that category of same theme as your web site, which turns that category page to quality page where lot of sites listed on same topic. So you get quality one way links.
Anchor text links and Keyword rankings:

Anchor text used in directory submission plays important part. Each anchor text link from directories helps your website to rank on that keyword in Google and other search engines. So directory submission plays important part in Search Engine Keyword Rankings.

Fast Indexing of Website:

Due to quality of web directories, search engine bots and crawlers index these websites very fast and when they find link to your website in these directories, they also visit and index your website. So directory listing also increases fast indexing of your website

Brand Visibility and Direct Traffic:

Directory submission helps in visibility of your website and brand name, they also provide you direct traffic.

Link Building

Blog comments too are an excellent tool for directing traffic to your website. We understand that it is not possible to wait for people in general to review your website or products as this will not happen fast enough for it to effectively increase your rankings. Therefore our services included blogging reviews and comments as well. Blog comments that are relevant help build the popularity of your brand in your industry. If the PageRank of the blog in question is good it also provides a platform for direct interaction with internet traffic that is relevant.

Popularising your website

The number one advantage of blogging comments and linking your website to them is that it increases the popularity of your website tremendously. Our team members are experts at reviewing products and services and them writing favourable blogs, reviews, comments etc about them. This in itself will send traffic your way as people will visit your site out of curiosity if nothing else.

Better sales

Our blog comment services can also boost your sales. Positive blog comments and interactions always encourage buyers / customers to try out a product or service that they might be considering. Hence this service can help increase your sales considerably.

Link Trundle

Establishing link wheels to one’s money site with various high performance web 2.0 property sites like Squidoo Lens, HubPages, Blogger or WordPress has become the order of the day because these sites have gained the stature of authority sites that are easily picked up by the major search engines. There are lots of advancements taking place in the way links are established between the money site and the authority sites. Where a few opt for a traditional closed link wheel, it is slowly giving place to clients asking for not closing the link wheel at all.

We at Blurbpoint perfectly understand the way in which Link Wheels affect your business and hence are in an extremely comfortable position to execute whatever you have in mind. At the same time, our SEO consultants can also advice on which method would be ideal for your kind of business as they are constantly updated with the emerging techniques in establishing link wheels.

At Blurbpoint, we offer Link Wheel services in five different packages so that you could choose the one that fits right for your kind of business. If you are unsure about how the entire thing would work positively for your business, you may try our Starter package and witness the positive results for yourself. You will get a detailed submission report of what all has been done and a Unique C class IP, username and password are provided.

Link Trundle Key Features :

  • We leverage the power of high performance based web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, HubPages, Blogger, and WordPress so as to build backlinks directed to your money site. Search Engines values these sites very high and when content related to your website is posted on the web 2.0 sites it can rank high in the search results. Through link wheel, you could get links from powerful sites to your money site which is the major crux of the entire link wheel strategy.

  • In any link wheel scenario, each and every web 2.0 property site is linked to the money site (your website) and also to one another so as to form a closed loop. By doing so, the link juice passes to your site as well as each and every web 2.0 property sites that are linked thereby enhancing the power of both the sides. We also take advantage of social bookmarking in order to bookmark the authority sites so that the chances of getting good page ranks are strengthened further.

  • We further focus on creating link wheels with the authority sites and link them to your main money site so that your website is present all over the web in the relevant niche and ranks high in the search. At Blurbpoint, we perfectly understand that creating good link wheels is indeed a powerful technique that would boost your website ranking and helps you reach your target audience.

  • We provide only unique content for each and every submission that is made on the web 2.0 property sites and not any kind of spun articles.

Social Media Link Wheel

Social Media Link Wheel – Riding the Wheels of Future

Do you wish to reach higher levels of Social Media before others do? Then you have to ride the link wheel and race past other and find success in Social Media Marketing. Social Media Marketing through microsites (blogs) is not strange to anyone anymore. But what remains strange to everyone is, why do the search engine spiders ignore these microsites? Because the search engines are spiders and they cannot identify a chain of information unless we notify them. SubmitINme has learned the “search spider language” through all these years and we know how to attract them.

As you know “content is the king” in SEO. However, things have changed a lot these. While unique content is still importance to SEO, you have an additional task to let the search engine know that all these fresh content belongs to you. This can be accomplished by forming a chain link between the content distributed online. This is what we call as “Link Wheel”.

Forging The Perfect Link Wheel

There were hundreds of link wheel strategies that came online through the past few months. All these days, SubmitINme was silent because we were under the process of research in finding the perfect link wheel, which is really effective and non-spammy. Remember that not all link wheels are liked by the search engines. In fact link wheeling without following the SEO rules will damage the SEO advantage of your website. However, the social link wheel that SubmitINme has forged is totally safe and complies with the search engine rules as well.

Know How The Wheel Is Made Before You Buy It

We are not overwhelming you technically. Explained simple, Social Link Wheels is formed with a group of popular social media sites such as blogger, wordpress, live journal etc. To forge the link wheel, all you have to supply is the main keywords of your website that you wish to optimize.

The Initial Preparation

As a first step, our well experienced SEO researchers will find well-related sub-keywords for each of the main keywords that you supply. So with a group of well arranged keywords, SubmitINme’s team of professional content developers will write unique and informative content. All these content will be sent for your review. Upon approval of the content, we will execute the great link wheel strategy

The Strategy

The unique articles that are written based on the main keywords that you provide will go into the top Social media sites of the inner wheel – Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, Windows Live Spaces and Weebly (sites vary depending on the package you choose). Another set of content written on the sub keywords will be distributed each to popular social media sites in the outer wheel. Now we have groups of social media sites with unique content, ready to be linked. This is where the expertise of SubmitINme’s team comes into play. Our team will form link wheels with these social media properties (linking the best related keywords) as in the figures.

About Squidoo Lens Creation

Squidoo is a PR8 user generated content site that is a very powerful tool in internet marketing. If you have not utilized the power of Squidoo, then its about time you should. It serves wide range of purposes. Unlike other link building methods, you just don’t get a simple back links from Squidoo. Since Squidoo is a social media, it has its own internal network of lens owners where you can get some traffic from. It offers Ad sense revenue sharing opportunity so aside from getting back links and internal traffic. Also you have the opportunity to generate some Ad sense revenue as well. Squidoo lens creation usually rank well on Google and with some promotion, you can eve rank higher.

Squidoo lens creation has become an excellent way for people to get their info out there to the public. Its basically acts as a single web page dedicated to your topic. This includes text, pictures, video and most importantly, links. Squidoo links are also searched and indexed by search engines, in other words, squidoo offers do-follow links. It has become an effective way for many small and large businesses to get word of their product or service to an even larger audience. One must be thinking why to use squidoo lens creation service, then reasons are many. With this you can create your lens geared toward selling a product or as a satellite page to boost your existing site’s PR and SERP ranking. Moreover you must remember that Squidoo is do follow, as a result you can get a powerful relevant back link to your website.

Some of the features of squidoo lens creation are 700 words original content, Relevant images and you tube videos, 6 back links, and Initial lens promotion with social bookmarking, squidoo ring submission and groups. Now if you’re using some service then it must be carrying some benefits also. Squidoo lens creation offers Ultra-quick indexing by search engines, Quality and targeted squidoo traffic and more exposure for your product and services, Additional ad revenue sharing program of squidoo, Excellent source of PR. Our high quality content makes sure you get full value from your lenses , Searchable lenses created on selected keywords, thus bringing organic traffic too .

What is Website Optimization?

Website Optimization is the process whereby your website is optimized
to appeal to the search engines and therefore improve your position in
organic searches.

Website optimization (or search engine optimization) is one of those terms that isopen to interpretation. It can cover a host of activities, and more recently has beenused to encompass all aspects of what we would call “website marketing”.

“search engine optimization” or “website optimization” is the process whereby yourwebsite is optimized to appeal to the search engines and therefore improve yourposition in organic searches.

“website marketing” is the overall process whereby your website along with off-pageaspects are optimized.

Internet Income Opportunities

If you are reading this right now, I will assume that you already have your very own internet business and you would like to increase your online income. Before you can increase your internet incomes, you must know the 2 factors that determine your online incomes.

The first factor is traffic. The more traffic you drive to your website, the more sales you are going to make. This is a common sense that most people knew. However, the difficult part here is the process of driving massive amount of traffic to your website. As you know, people are lazy, they want to do things once, and reward from their effort over and over again. You can have this result if you are hard working.

Traffic generation is something that you need to take action on. You cannot increase the traffic by just reading an e-book that taught you how to drive traffic. Traffic generation is just like learning how to ride a bicycle. You cannot learn how to ride a bicycle from a text book, you need to ride it and learn from it. The same goes for traffic generation, take the necessary action, and traffic will come.

The second factor that determines your internet income is the conversion rate of your website. If you have a high conversion rate, you will make more sales with the same amount of traffic, providing everything being equal. Many people just focus in driving traffic; they never actually put their effort in conversion rate. Think about it, do you want to have 1,000 visitors with only 1 sale made or do you want to have 500 visitors with 5 sales?

This is what conversion rate is all about. So how can you increase your conversion rate? One thing, relationship. If you are close with your visitors, most of them will buy from you. And in order to build the trust and relationship with your visitors, you have to build the credibility by providing good quality content. Most people fail here because they are selling straight away to their visitors. You have to provide what people are looking for, create value for them, build relationship, only then sell them what you are promoting.

I believe that you are cleared now how you can get a internet income opportunities. Remember, there are only 2 things that will affect your incomes online, traffic and conversion rate. So focus in improving these two and you will see money start to flow in.

How drive traffic to your website for free

7 Effective Ways To drive traffic to your website for free

Quality traffic is the lifeblood of any internet business. Without properly targeted traffic, your business will never get off the ground. Here are some ideas to increase on line traffic to your website. You should consider taking advantage of as many of these as possible to create increased on line traffic and a ready source of targeted buyers.

1) Writing Articles can lead to drive traffic to your website for free.
Write and submit articles in your niche to article directories. Writing articles is a good way to show your expertise in your field. In addition, anyone who has read your article to the end and clicked through your resource box is interested in what you have to say.

2) Join forums and form online communities.
Participating in forums and online communities is another way to build credibility and market yourself as an expert. When you include your signature line, you will gain a link to your site and readers will be inclined to click through to find out more about you. Again, these are qualified prospects who like what you have written and want to know more, definitely the best kind of traffic. You can also create a forum or other such community on your site to keep readers coming back. People like the feel of community. Community leads to drive traffic to your website for free

3) Work to get incoming links from other sites.
There are many ways to get incoming links. First you should submit your site to all of the directories in your subject area. Second, look for similar, but non-competing sites that you can trade links with. Many sites have automatic linking software that will check for a backlink and then add you automatically.

Before submitting your site, take some time to write a good description of your site for your link. The more incoming links you have, the higher your page ranking and the greater increase in on line drive traffic to your website for free.

4) Use Viral Marketing.
Spread the word about your site or product using viral marketing. Viral marketing includes funny videos or games that get passed around, free e-books that are branded with your links, even the pens that you print with your name and leave everywhere. Viral marketing can be an inexpensive, yet powerful marketing method.

5) Optimize your site and articles with keyword phrases.
Find out what keyword phrases people are searching for to find your site. Better yet, what phrases are they using to find your competition? Optimize your pages and your advertising for these keywords to drive traffic to your website for free from the search engines.

6) Offer newsletters or e-zines to keep your readers coming back.
A newsletter or e-zine allows you to build a relationship with your readers. It allows you to remind them of all the great content you have on your site and to update them on new additions. The great benefit in a newsletter or e-zine is that it turns a one time reader into a regular reader, to drive traffic to your website for free.

7) Invest in good advertising.
Good advertising comes in many forms. Most classified ads are not worth the trouble, however some do deliver results. Check out the classified ads in your niche. Google Adwords and Yahoo’s Overture provide qualified customers at a price. Before using Pay Per Click ads, make sure that you know the value of your customer so that you do not overspend.

Another very effective form of advertising can be found in newsletters and ezines in your niche. Check out your competition. Do they offer advertising? Where are they advertising? With the right advertisement, you can turn heir readers into your readers. Increasing on line traffic to your site does require some work. You cannot put up a site and expect people to find it automatically. However, if you follow the steps above you will be on your way to drive traffic to your website for free

how to drive traffic to your website for free