Internet Income Opportunities

If you are reading this right now, I will assume that you already have your very own internet business and you would like to increase your online income. Before you can increase your internet incomes, you must know the 2 factors that determine your online incomes.

The first factor is traffic. The more traffic you drive to your website, the more sales you are going to make. This is a common sense that most people knew. However, the difficult part here is the process of driving massive amount of traffic to your website. As you know, people are lazy, they want to do things once, and reward from their effort over and over again. You can have this result if you are hard working.

Traffic generation is something that you need to take action on. You cannot increase the traffic by just reading an e-book that taught you how to drive traffic. Traffic generation is just like learning how to ride a bicycle. You cannot learn how to ride a bicycle from a text book, you need to ride it and learn from it. The same goes for traffic generation, take the necessary action, and traffic will come.

The second factor that determines your internet income is the conversion rate of your website. If you have a high conversion rate, you will make more sales with the same amount of traffic, providing everything being equal. Many people just focus in driving traffic; they never actually put their effort in conversion rate. Think about it, do you want to have 1,000 visitors with only 1 sale made or do you want to have 500 visitors with 5 sales?

This is what conversion rate is all about. So how can you increase your conversion rate? One thing, relationship. If you are close with your visitors, most of them will buy from you. And in order to build the trust and relationship with your visitors, you have to build the credibility by providing good quality content. Most people fail here because they are selling straight away to their visitors. You have to provide what people are looking for, create value for them, build relationship, only then sell them what you are promoting.

I believe that you are cleared now how you can get a internet income opportunities. Remember, there are only 2 things that will affect your incomes online, traffic and conversion rate. So focus in improving these two and you will see money start to flow in.