Google Has Completed Mobile Friendly Algorithm Change

Google has confirmed that the mobile friendly algorithm update is now live and has been rolled out to all data centers across the world. Gary Illyes – trends analyst from Google confirmed on Twitter. Most webmasters have not seen any real impact and/or changes since the April 21st mobile algorithm launch.

Gary added a caveat:

Not all pages have been reindexed so the new scores have not updated yet.

There are a lot of websites that have updated to become mobile optimized, so the actual number of sites affected decreased considerably. So while some organizations and website admins are not seeing a lot of a distinction in the versatile Google results, some are for sure perceiving slight changes in the mobile query results.

Things are likely to change in Google’s mobile search index, but we will have to wait and see. It’s important to remember that this update only affects mobile searches and will have no bearing on desktop queries.