Bing To Follow Google With Mobile Responsive Algorithm

Bing Mobile Responsive Algorithm


Bing has reported they will be releasing their own rendition of a mobile responsive algorithm update in the up and coming months. With that, Bing clarified how they figure out whether a website is mobile responsive and essentially how it will function on a mobile device. Previously Google released a mobile algorithm update which came with a date, unfortunately Bing has given no such date and it may be a surprise when the actually mobile algorithm change is rolled out.

Bing Mobile Friendly Tag

Last month Bing reportedly released its own version of the mobile friendly tag which is shown while a user is on the search engine via a mobile device. You can view how it looks in the picture below:


Bing’s Mobile responsive Algorithm Change

Its reported that Bing’s mobile responsive algorithm change will essentially work the same way as Google’s. Information at this point is gearing towards that idea, but the key details of how the change will affect webmasters and site owners have not yet been released. It is expected that this update will be in real time and if your website is mobile friendly, it will have the ability to benefit from the algorithm change.