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Have you ever thought that SEO, digital marketing, and website design are exclusive of each other and that they do not need to be integrated when marketing your service or product online? Unfortunately this is a myth that many people believe, and this thinking could reduce the potential development of your business or service. Web design is indeed a critical component of marketing as it encompasses aesthetics, branding, conversion rates and SEO. Moreover, a website design when combined with content influences company’s internet presence. Besides the fact that content communicates branding and objectives of a company, content also helps creates a message that that is warm, welcoming and memorable. This combined with the visual elements helps to establish a professional digital online presence in the Washington DC area.

Research has shown both web site design and meaningful written content are equally important in creating a strong web presence. Without a well-designed website your clients will fail to read the content in which you have invested and without meaningful content visitors will not find you on the web.

In fact while your design must be appealing to the real visitors, it also needs to satisfy requirements that impact other areas of business including branding, SEO and conversion rates. For example parallax design is a recent trend for web sites which features one page that scrolls forever. Users seem to like this new design as it reduces the need to click to reach content they want and of course website owners are happy since it attracts users. However, the downside is the parallax design is not friendly with search engines. Search engines are still designed for the traditional websites where keywords are spread out through a site rather than a single page. This can be a serious disadvantage with respect to conversion rates and company branding.

This is just an example of how web design directly impacts SEO. Every design feature can affect search ranking including the structure of HTML to the amount of Flash used. It is therefore useful for businesses to have a professional analysis and consultation on web design and marketing. 3created.com can effectively brand and market your company online through a digital marketing campaign that will suit your specific business needs. 3created.com understands the full impact of web design and how it affects digital marketing. A consultation will allow your company or business to be aware of how your brand is perceived by your consumers online and how you can improve your conversion rates online.

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